Merry Christmas

The holidays have been keeping very busy. Baking cookies and wrapping presents. I love it. As I’m getting older I feel the magic of Christmas escaping me. I know many teenagers and many adults also feel this way. Why is it when we grow older it doesn’t stay the same? Is it because what we want isn’t something we can hold in our hand? Is it because we don’t think we can have what we truly want?

Still, the holidays are still magical for the little children. They help me remember the joy I used to have around this time of year.


‘Tis The Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la, la la la.

Its Christmas time! Isn’t that exciting?! (Its also exciting if you celebrate another winter time holiday)

I’m super excited for Christmas. I have a little dilemma. I have no idea what to get my bestfriend for Christmas. I’m thinking something funny and cheap because I’m hilarious and poor. I’ll post back with my ideas.

Miss Me Yet?

So I haven’t posted for a while. My life gets kind of crazy with school and skiing. That’s what makes me life so wonderful though! I really wish I could do some interactive things with this page. I need more followers. Go tell your friends!  I know there are about 5 of you. If you all tell one friend and they follow me then I’ll have ten followers! That’s double! (I can do math, yay) So go! Spread the word.

End of the Day

What’s up blog readers? I’m on my way home from skiing. (Told you I was obsessed) It’s been a long day. How’s your day been? Fabulous I hope. It must’ve been if you ended up on my blog. Well anyways, comment about your day. I would love to hear about it. Honestly. (I’m not lying, I swear) Maybe you could get mentioned! (Ooohh aaahh) All my (I think 5) followers will read it!! Anyways, good night sleep tight. Or good morning. I don’t know where you live.

WordPress app

I’m so happy I’ve found this WordPress app. It lets me bring more of my wonderful thoughts to my readers. (I think I have like 3 now! How exciting!?) It has almost all of the features of the online version. Now I can post from almost anywhere. How interesting. That’s gives my blog so many possibilities. It could become like a diary. Not that you guys want to hear my problems. It could become my ski adventure blog. (Pshhh… what ski adventures?) It could become anything I want. Touch of the button and VIOLA! I can post. It’s pretty amazing really. Technology amazes me. Seriously. I’m mind blown. *poof* (that was the sound of my mind being blown) I’m glad we got to share that moment together.

Thanks for reading
Bye (:

La Musica

Another of my passions is music. If you asked me what kind of music I listen to I’d probably say – country. Yes, I’m a country girl. But don’t go thinking that I’m a closed minded- one genre kind of girl. No. I listen to almost anything under the sun. Oldies, Indie, International artists, some of the new ‘pop’…. this list goes on. I basically listen to everything besides rap. I went through a rap phase a couple years back… that was no good. Anyways, now that you are familiar to my musical taste let me introduce you to one of my favorite artists. Birdy. Strange name, beautiful music. Her voice is angelic. I’ll post a link so you can enjoy her musical beauty.

You know you want to click on it so stop fighting the feelings. Just make sure you come back and read my next post.

bye, (:


Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens

This post is perfect. I love it.



Thank you for visiting this post – issue is, it’s 3 years old. So check out my 2016, brand spanking new Gift Guide For Teen Girls. (It’s linked…and it’s great.)


So, as I do officially love each and every one of you reading this (except possibly you; I see what you do when you’re alone . . . eugh, come on now.) and I want you all to be happy and the rest, I decided to share my epiphany with you.

It’s almost Christmas.

Okay, don’t look at me like that – I know it’s only August, but this year is going really quickly. And as soon as we hit September, it is pretty much the climb-up to Christmas.Now, smart people know that getting all your Christmas presents at Christmas is not a good idea. Okay. It leads to panicking and stress and “OMG, BUT I…

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Well, hello.

Hi. My name is Maddy. You’ve seemed to have stumbled onto my blog. What’s it about? I’m not sure (this is only my first post). Come back in a month and decide for yourself.

My life is crazy. Sometimes I don’t know which way is up. But, it’s wonderful. I love everything I do. I love to write. I write about things I love. I love sports, especially skiing. (it’s more of an obsession) Yes, I’m weird. I already know that. I also love to take pictures. I don’t have a very good camera though 😦 check my instagram – maddiijo

This whole writing about me thing is weird… and I have other stuff to do. I’m guessing you do too. Things like homework… and cleaning. Avoiding things like that is the only real reason people read blogs. Am I right? I probably am. I always right. It’s my blog I can say what I want to, do what I want to. (woah, I just had a Miley Cyrus moment) 

I’d tell you to go ahead, venture into the exciting realm that is my blog, but I don’t have anything written. *clap clap* You have successfully read my one post.

see ya in my nexy post (: ADIOS AMIGOS